I really feel like I’ve gotten to the point where exercise is part of my life, and like that is not going to change.  I’ve been consistent for two years, I love it, I get excited about what to do next.  I have people who share my passion and motivate me to continue.

Now I feel like it’s time to get my nutrition in line.  I feel like there’s a little bit of sticking my head in the sand that’s been going on the last two years, and probably forever…that I lead myself to believe I eat better than I do.

I eat mostly healthy food- that’s true.  But I also think I eat too much of that healthy food.  And I think there are a lot more treats and special occasions than I really count.  I don’t want to be a person who wants cake but doesn’t eat it; I want to have a healthy relationship with food and eat what fuels me and makes me feel good.  I also want to have cake on my kids’ birthdays…because they enjoy having cake together and because it’s cake.  But my mom bringing over a bag of Double Chocolate Milano cookies for the kids does not constitute a special occasion.

I think the 21 Day Fix is the answer.  I’m very excited to do it and I’m doing it with a group of people- so I’ll be very motivated to stick with it and to be strict about it, especially since it’s the first time I’m doing it.  I think it will be a real eye-opener for me, and a great way to set up new eating patterns that will become part of my life.

Getting ready for the Fix is fun, and a little tricky.  I made this menu plan mostly to share with my accountability group, but I’m so glad I did it for my own purposes.  It really forced me to think about what I’ll eat when and how I’ll get all the containers in without going over on any one color.  I’m sure after doing it for a week, the second week will be easier to plan for.  There is also a ton of information on the internet, especially pinterest!

I start my first round of the 21 Day Fix on Monday, January 5th!  I can’t wait- it’s been a long holiday season:)

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  1. I have always wanted to plan my meals as well and never did…until the 21 day fix and your meal plan as inspiration to so my own. I am psyched, I eat out a lot and I have incorporated those nights out into my plan so I know what to eat during the day so I am not overdoing it in any one area. The meal planning is key and once I stopped making it more
    complicated than it is, it became fun! Thanks for the inspiration Mary!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Liz! I’m glad you found my meal plan helpful. It takes some extra effort in the beginning, but makes up for it during the week. Good luck with the 21 Day Fix! I hope you’ll come by again:)

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