I can’t believe how much I love the 21 Day Fix!!! Well, I guess I can believe it because I really have loved every Beachbody program I’ve done. But I did resist this one for a while- I’m glad I finally gave it a try!

found on imgfave.com
found on imgfave.com


I am getting ready to start another 21 days with my challenge group. What an enthusiastic, positive and fun group of women! I think everyone is enjoying doing this together, and each of us is motivated by the other. We’ve also learned a lot from each other.

I have some goals for Round 2:

  • try out some new recipes
  • stick to the meal plans I make for myself a little more stringently!
  • do the double workouts suggested for week 3
  • cut out a cup of coffee and add a cup of green tea each day

I gave myself a little leeway eating-wise today, as I had already weighed in and taken my measurements, and I am uncomfortably full for the first time in three weeks. I don’t like it! I didn’t even go too crazy…and I really feel kinda crappy. I’ll remember this next time I’m at Day 21! When I do have “treats” I’ll be sure to keep them to a container-size:)

That said, I’m ready for a new week to start tomorrow…Here’s the 21 Day Fix meal plan I created today:

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 6.42.18 PM

I got a little crazy this week and color-coded my foods. I still feel like it’s a little boring, but I really don’t mind eating the same thing each day. As long as I change up dinners it’s ok. I do hope to share some more recipes this week, and explore new ideas for next week’s meal plan!

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