The 21 Day Fix is amazing!!!  I love it!!!  I want to tell everyone about it…

I feel really, really good.  I have a lot of energy and I just feel good- healthy.  Eating healthy is always more work in my mind.  Chopping veggies, making things from scratch, prepping food for the week…but it is so worth it.  And it’s been kinda fun, too.  There are a lot of resources out there to help, and doing it with my accountability group has eased the burden.


I foresee this becoming a real lifestyle, and I’ve learned a lot by being in the program.  I knew it looked great before I tried it, but now being one week in I really get it!


I can really see how this will impact me when I’m no longer using the containers.  (I think I’ll always use the containers here and there, to keep me on track with portion size, and because they’re nice little containers, but I mean when I’m not officially doing a round of the 21 Day Fix.  Or when I’m slacking off a bit…)

  • I made myself quesadillas the other day; I used half of one whole wheat tortilla and one blue container of shredded cheese.  It came out delicious and it showed me what an appropriate serving of cheese quesadillas is for me.  I can tell you I did not used to eat only that amount, probably double that even when I was showing some restraint!  But now I know when I make quesadillas for the family I can have two of them and feel ok about it.

The workouts are awesome!  I am so happy with how challenging they are- I am sore!!!  The time passes quickly in them.  I like the format used.  For most of them there are say four rounds with two exercises in each round.  You do each exercise for a minute.  So the first time you’re doing a given exercise it’s not terrible because you’re going into it not knowing what to expect.  Then you know you only have to do it once more.  It suited me psychologically:)

The Pilates workout is my favorite Pilates workout ever.  I haven’t done a ton of Pilates, but I have done a few workouts.  I liked the exercises Autumn chose, and the way she explained the breathing.

Some tidbits I’ve learned along the way…

  • Have a go-to protein snack that’s easy.  For me it’s been turkey slices.  You can have six for a red container; it’s filling, it’s satisfying, it pairs well with veggies.  At times when I didn’t have a snack planned, or had to change plans last minute, it was easy to fall back on turkey.
  • Plan, but be flexible.  It’s soooo important to plan ahead; I planned each meal and snack ahead of time.  But know, especially if you’re new to the 21 Day Fix eating plan, that there’s a learning curve here.  Play around with what you eat when.  For example, I usually have Shakeology for lunch but today I had it as my mid-morning snack.  I think I feel more satisfied.  Some days you may switch things around based on how hungry you are.
  • This is a process.  On the second day, I was the most hungry I’ve been so far.  But I didn’t let it get to me…I told myself, “It’s ok to be hungry.  This is a process.  Being hungry will be part of it.”  I’ve been eating too much all my life!  And allowing for “treats” far too often!  Of course I’ll be hungry getting used to a more healthful way of eating.  As long as you’re not really miserable or feeling sick, know that hunger, and other feelings that might crop up along the way, are just part of the process.
  • Be creative.  I made guacamole today…mostly because I bought four avocados the other day when I did my fix food shopping and they were ripe.  I didn’t want to throw them out, but I wasn’t very excited about eating them either.  I do like guacamole, but with chips.  Crunchy, salty chips, and large quantities of them.  So…I was allowed one more carb for dinner.  I cut up my whole wheat tortilla into chip sized pieces and put them in the oven for a little while.  They came out crispy and perfect for dipping!  No guilt either.
  • Make big dinners.  Choose dinners that you like a lot and that make good leftovers.  Those leftovers can make the next day that much easier to plan for, or can provide a good alternative to one of your planned snacks.  If you get a little sick of turkey slices and veggies, switch that mini-meal out for last night’s meatballs.

I am so happy I’m doing this!  And I’m only one week in:)

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