I was nervous about becoming a Beachbody coach for so many reasons…but I really wanted to do it. I had to put those reasons aside, put my fears aside, and jump in and do it. And I still have to push doubt aside sometimes…


But I love what I’m doing! I’m still new to it, but I love what I am doing, and I love learning as I go. It comes down to the fact that a Beachbody program (Insanity) changed my life in so many positive ways two and a half years ago, and I have been following Beachbody programs ever since. I have loved everything I’ve bought from Beachbody, and I’ve had amazing results. Exercise and eating for health have become my hobbies and my passion. I LOVE to talk about this stuff!

The idea of coaching and the idea of this blog came hand-in-hand for me. I don’t know that I would have done one without the other. I love to write…but what would I write about? And I love to exercise, but how could I share all that I want to say about it? It just seemed to go together for me, to be a good fit.

My favorite part of coaching so far has been my challenge group on Facebook. It’s been so much fun, and I love having a place to chat with friends about the stuff I love! We are motivating each other, and learning from each other. It’s been more meaningful than I imagined.


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