I finished my 3-Day Refresh! It’s been a busy week, so I didn’t get to write on either of those days. But it was a success! I feel great, I learned a few ways to tweak the Refresh to make it even easier for me, and I have zero cravings for bad stuff.


I did a more complete review of the refresh which you can find here. But here are the small changes I made this time:

  • I drank coffee. It is discouraged, not forbidden. And I did it. I drank my coffee in the morning, blended with coconut oil and sprinkled with cinnamon. It definitely helped with the dull headache I experienced the first time I did the refresh.
  • I blended the vanilla fresh shake with water, ice, and a ton of cinnamon and it was delicious! This was so exciting for me. The first time I did the refresh I did not like the vanilla refresh and chugged it down. Considering you drink it twice a day for three days, you can imagine I was a little bummed about the taste. This development made me actually look forward to those shakes, and overall made it a more pleasant experience.
  • I chose the same dinner for each day and did all the prep on Day 1. This made assembling my big ass salad each night so much easier! It’s made with cucumber, pepper, tomato, and takes a bit to peel, chop, etc. I did it all at once for the 3 days, and bagged up each day. This made dinnertime much quicker and less stressful. (If you have little ones you know getting dinner on the table can be tricky on a good day, let alone when you have to make two dinners and one of them requires veggie prep!)

I really believe the first refresh helped me break through a weight loss plateau I have been stuck at for ages…like a year or so. And the best part is- I didn’t gain the weight back. In fact, I lost a few more pounds after it was over.

The 3-Day Refresh is great if you’re looking to kick your cravings, getting ready for a big event, or recovering from a big event or vacation! I feel amazing afterwards. Happy, energetic, light…I look forward to doing it again.

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