I just started drinking Shakeology about three weeks ago…and I’m in love.  I resisted it for so long, it just seemed so expensive.  But in the meantime I mixed up my own smoothies, full of their own rather pricey ingredients, and part of a somewhat time-consuming process.

I really love smoothies, and I did make some good ones.  But Shakeology is so simple, and it has so many great ingredients!  One of the final straws to get me started on it was that the ingredient list is so clean.  I have been all about clean eating lately, and if you look at some of the ingredient lists on protein powders you might find it alarming.  Shakeology is really very natural, and loaded with super foods.  (My husband likes to throw that word around so it’s become a bit of a family joke, but Shakeology really is loaded with them!)

I think the beauty of smoothies in general is that you can get so much good stuff at once.  And that is how it is with Shakeology.  With my old personal recipe I would add protein powder, chia seeds, coconut oil, sometimes ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil, spinach or kale, frozen fruit, and a liquid which would vary with whatever article struck me most recently- rice milk, coconut milk, regular milk, kefir.  I don’t think I’m missing anything now with my Shakeology- and it’s much simpler!  I also really believe I’m getting a lot more nutritionally.

Shakeology is definitely a meal replacement, too.  I can’t believe how filling it is- it keeps me full for hours.  My cravings have decreased and I don’t find myself with the afternoon snack urge I always used to get.  After dinner I always used to reach for something sweet, even if it was just a handful of chocolate chips, but I haven’t been doing that either.  And I have lost a few pounds…I’m hoping this is what I needed to break through the plateau I’ve been at for a while.  Whether it’s the Shakeology itself or the good behavior it’s encouraging- I’ll take it!

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