Absolutely, positively print out a blank menu template and plan out your first week.  Even if you don’t stick to it, have a plan!  I find I am much more successful if I don’t have those moments of, “uh…lunch?”  That is when I often put off eating until I’m ravenous and eat whatever I can get my hands on!



There are tons of templates online or you can create your own.  I have tried meal planning before, but always only with dinner.  For this, I planned every meal and snack for the week. I followed it for dinner for the most part, but I did switch up the other meals.  But there were times when I wasn’t sure what to eat and I went to look at the menu.  It helps!  Sounds silly, but it really does.

Having that concrete menu plan sets you up for success.  It also makes grocery shopping a lot easier.

Your meal plan might look the same each week.  Or maybe you’ll have the same thing for breakfast each day.  I usually have pretty much the same thing for every meal except dinner.  Once you’ve been doing it for a while chances are you’ll have a whole arsenal of menus that are fix-friendly and work for you.

As you get ready for the week, make your meal plan first.  I usually make while I’m sitting in front of the computer.  I also hold on to old meal plans, so I can plug in ideas from those.  Then I try to add 1 or 2 new recipes for the week and put them in on a day that’s not too crazy.  I try to make busy days a crockpot day and I plan big meals for the beginning of the week to set us up with some leftovers.  My husband brings leftovers every day for lunch.  It’s much healthier and saves a lot of money!  I’ve loved leftovers for quick and easy snacks on the fix, too.

I keep a recipe binder in the kitchen and plan on adding a tab for 21 Day Fix.  I do pin a lot of recipes, but I like having a hard copy to look at.  Sometimes I’ll use my phone to look at the recipe the first time I make it and if it’s a keeper I print it out and put it in the binder.  I like being able to write notes on them, too.

Don’t feel constrained by having your week planned out for you.  You can always make changes!  But if you plan healthy meals and snacks, at least you know you’ll have what you need on hand to make good food choices.

I’ve included my blank weekly planning calendar.  It’s simple and not color-coded, but it could get you started.  I hope to create some nice ones this week and will share when complete!

21 day fix menu template

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